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DELL EMC: Dell EMC Launches PowerEdge MX, Offering Agile, Flexible, Modular Infrastructure for IT Transformation

Dell EMC is launching Dell EMC PowerEdge MX, the industry’s newest high performance, modular infrastructure, designed to support a wide variety of traditional and emerging data center workloads.

ALLEGO: Allego’s Modern Learning Platform Drives Stronger Messaging for Becton Dickinson

The global medical technology company uses Allego to cost-effectively train its sales reps as well as boost message consistency in the field.

HARVARD UNIVERSITY: Inspiring a new generation of coders

A three-hour session on coding during summer break might not initially sound appealing to an elementary school crowd, but throw some robots into the mix and these local students could not have been happier.

HARVARD UNIVERSITY: Driving mega profit return through data entrepreneurship

After Chunlei Tang published “The Data Industry: The Business and Economics of Information and Big Data” in 2016, she focused her time on a problem surrounding data innovation within the healthcare industry.

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